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Moltons / Fabrics Alquiler en Barcelona.

LocLum Material blanco/Molton 300 x 400 cm / 10 x 12' (FONDO)

Material blanco/Molton 300 x 400 cm / 10 x 12' (FONDO)

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The Moltons / FabricsWhite Material/Molton 300 x 300 cm / 10 x 10' (BACKGROUND) is a versatile backdrop material suitable for a variety of professional photography and videography settings. The product is crafted with precision and detail to ensure usability and durability.

Key Features and Specifications of the product are:

  • Material: The product is made of high-quality Molton fabric. This material is known for its light-absorbing properties, making it ideal for reducing light reflections during photo or video shoots.
  • Size: The Moltons / FabricsWhite Material comes in a size of 300 x 300 cm or 10 x 10', providing ample backdrop for various photographic and videographic requirements. The material's generous dimensions make it suitable for both solo and group shots.
  • Color: The Molton fabric is in a sharp and pure shade of white. This neutral background proves to be beneficial in highlighting the subject of the shoot and allows for easy post-production color manipulation.
  • Use: This product can be used in multiple contexts ranging from professional studio shoots to field photography and event backgrounds. Its lightweight nature also contributes to its portability.
  • Care: The Moltons / FabricsWhite Material/Molton is designed for easy care and maintenance. It is machine-washable at low temperature and resistant to wrinkling, thus ensuring a smooth and clean background every time.

This technical assessment of the Moltons / FabricsWhite Material/Molton aims to fully outline its capabilities for informed decision-making by professional photographers and videographers.


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