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Reflectors / Diffusors Alquiler en Barcelona.

Sunbounce Tela Extra para Grande, Windbreaker

Tela Extra para Grande, Windbreaker

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The Reflectors/DiffusersExtra Scrim for Big, Windbreakerby is a thoughtfully designed product built to cater to the needs of professional photographers and videographers. It is a useful tool for controlling the quality and direction of light, making it an indispensable part of any professional's kit.

The key features and technical specifications are outlined below:

  • The product is designed as a large reflector/diffuser for better control over light.
  • It comes with a sturdy yet flexible frame to maintain its shape under windy conditions, thus earning the name "windbreaker".
  • A unique features is its compatibility with a wide range of off-camera flashes and studio lights, enhancing its versatility.
  • The scrim is constructed with high-quality, light-diffusing fabric that ensures even distribution of light for a soft and flattering effect.
  • The reflector's large size allows for ample coverage, making it perfect for portraits, product photography, or any scene requiring a large light source.
  • Despite its large size, the product is easily transportable as it is lightweight and comes with a compact carrying bag for convenience.
  • The Quick Lock system integrated into the product enables fast and easy setup and take-down, saving valuable time on the job.

In terms of technical specifications:

  • The reflector measures a generous size, sufficient to provide a large light source.
  • The product includes a carrying bag designed to contain and protect the reflector during transport.
  • The scrim is compatible with a variety of off-camera flashes and studio lights, allowing for flexible setup options and adaptability across multiple scenarios.

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