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360 x 360 cm / 12 x 12' Alquiler en Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Tela de Palio 360x360 cm / 12 x 12', red simple

Tela de Palio 360x360 cm / 12 x 12', red simple

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The 360 x 360 cm / 12 x 12'Scrim for Butterfly is a professional piece of gear designed for those in the photography, videography, and movie production industries. It is used to soften and diffuse light, thereby resulting in the creation of visually appealing and controlled lighting conditions.

The technical specifications of the scrim are listed below:

  • Product Dimensions: The scrim measures 360 x 360 cm / 12 x 12', making it suitable for larger light sources.
  • Single Net Design: The scrim features a single net design, which allows for excellent diffusion of light without significantly reducing the amount of illumination.
  • Material: The scrim is made of strong and durable fabric, providing longevity and resistance to wear in any shooting conditions.
  • Compatibility: The scrim is tailored specifically for the butterfly frame but can work with other support setups that cater to its dimensions.

This product is essential for professional photographers and videographers who need precise control over their lighting conditions. The large dimensions and the single net design of the scrim make it an excellent tool for softening harsh light sources without a substantial decrease in light output.

The light diffusion property of the scrim allows for a smooth transition between highlights and shadows, which can enhance the overall quality and feel of the image. The durable material ensures that the scrim withstands challenging conditions and frequent use, making it a long-lasting investment for professionals.


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