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360 x 360 cm / 12 x 12' Alquiler en Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Tela de Palio 360x360 cm / 12 x 12', 1/2 grid cloth

Tela de Palio 360x360 cm / 12 x 12', 1/2 grid cloth

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The Scrim for Butterfly 360x360 cm / 12x12' is manufactured using high-quality 1/2 grid cloth. Designed for professional photography and videography, it sets up a light diffusing system that creates soft light effects for your shots, which translates to less editing in post-production. Easy to assemble and versatile in functionality, this scrim can aid in a wide-range of shoots, whether in-studio or on-location.

This product has several key features:

  • The dimensions of the scrim are 360x360cm, or approximately 12x12' - offering a large area of diffusion for versatile shooting scenarios.
  • Constructed with 1/2 grid cloth, a material known for its excellent light diffusing properties and durability.
  • The scrim is easy to assemble and disassemble, streamlining and simplifying your setup and takedown process.
  • Complements various types of lights including continuous, strobe, and natural light sources, making it adaptable to the lighting equipment you have on hand.
  • Designed for professional photography and videography, enhancing photo quality by diffusing harsh shadows and creating soft light.
  • Lightweight and convenient for easy transportation to on-location shoots but sturdy enough for in-studio applications.

The Scrim for Butterfly 360x360cm / 12x12' is an essential addition to your professional photography or videography kit, offering the convenience of setup, reliable performance, and high-quality diffusion with every use.


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