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Audio Alquiler en Barcelona.

Rode Micrófono Lavalier (radio inalámbrico)

Micrófono Lavalier (radio inalámbrico)

Incluye emisor, receptor, clip de corbata, 2 protecciones antiviento (blanca y negra) y 4 pilas extra AA.
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The AudioLavalier Microphone is a wireless radio product that has been imaginatively tailored towards the needs of professionals in the fields involving photography and videography. This device aims to furnish users with superb sound quality and flexibility in their audio-recording needs.

The primary technical specifications that need highlighting are:

  • Frequency Range: This microphone operates within a substantial frequency range, ensuring an encompassing audio capture for different audio profiles.
  • Wireless Radio Transmission: The microphone is equipped with a top-notch wireless radio transmission feature that allows for hassle-free mobility and resilience from annoying cables entanglement.
  • Sensitivity: The microphone's sensitivity amplifies distant sound effectively, thereby assuring clarity in the captured audio.
  • Power: This device operates via battery, allowing for uncomplicated use and movement.
  • Weight: The microphone is lightweight, which contributes to its easy portability and usage convenience.
  • Connectivity: This AudioLavalier Microphone supports multiple connectivity options, enhancing its versatility in different audio recording setups.

In addition, the microphone boasts a range of notable key features:

  • Omnidirectional Pick-up Pattern: Its omnidirectional pick-up pattern enhances the microphone's ability to capture sound from all directions and improve the comprehensive audio recording.
  • Minus Noise Technology: The incorporated Minus Noise Technology reduces unwanted background noise and interference, thus ensuring clean, clear, and high-fidelity sound.
  • Clip-on Design: Its design consists of a clip-on mechanism that allows you to attach the microphone to your clothing or any suitable position to efficiently capture voice audios.

In conclusion, the AudioLavalier Microphone is a sophisticated device that combines advanced technology with practical design, providing users with an excellent tool for professional audio capture.


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