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Metabones Metabones Sony E-Mount - Nikon G + F Adaptador

Metabones Sony E-Mount - Nikon G + F Adaptador

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The Sony E-Mount to Nikon G + F Lens Adapter is a device designed to assist professional photographers and videographers. It allows compatibility between Sony E-Mount cameras and Nikon G + F lenses, thereby expanding photographic possibilities.

The product's key features and technical specifications are as follows:

  • The adapter is mainly made of quality brass and aluminum. The brass mount ensures the adapter securely attaches to the camera and lens, while the aluminum alloy contributes to the adapter's overall durability and light weight.
  • The adapter has a build-in aperture control ring, allowing users to adjust the lens aperture directly. This is particularly useful when dealing with G lenses that lack an aperture ring.
  • Designed for connecting Sony E-Mount cameras to Nikon G + F lenses. This makes it possible to use a variety of lenses, extending versatility in the types of shots you can achieve.
  • No electrical contacts in the adapter, exposure and focus has to be adjusted manually.
  • Supports Infinity Focus, enabling the lens to focus on distant objects clearly.
  • The adapter does not transmit lens data, keeping all data strictly between the camera and the attached lens. This ensures maximum privacy and control over your image data.
  • The product comes in the dimensions of 2.76 x 2.76 x 3.15 inches, making it portable and easy to pack during travel situations.

Note: Although the adapter is designed to support Sony E-Mount cameras and Nikon G+F lenses, it doesn't imply that it will support all functions of all lenses. Autofocus, automatic aperture, and other automatic features may not function and need to be manually operated.


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