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Clamps Alquiler en Barcelona.

Manfrotto Abrazadera de cocodrilo / Gaffer (Sky Hook 043)

Abrazadera de cocodrilo / Gaffer (Sky Hook 043)

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The ClampsCrocodile / Gaffer Clamp (Sky Hook 043) is a versatile and dependable accessory in the professional photography and videography field. Its robust construction and purpose-specific design make it suitable for various applications within the studio or on the field.

Technical Specifications:

  • Solid Metal Construction: Built to last with its rugged metallic structure, which offers enhanced durability and can withstand strenuous usage.
  • Innovative Design: Specifically designed to grip onto various surfaces and objects securely, with a pioneering, crocodile-like jaw, that permits a firm grip and prevents slipping.
  • Multi-Purpose Hook: Features a built-in hook, nicknamed 'Sky Hook', that allows hanging of equipment, cables, or any necessary tools, facilitating easier and efficient work flow.
  • Screw Mechanism: Incorporates a turn-screw mechanism, for adjustments, ensuring a tailored secure fit based on the object or surface it is gripping onto.
  • High Load Capacity: Capable of bearing significant weight due to its robust design and construction, thus ensuring safety and steadiness in all operations.

The ClampsCrocodile / Gaffer Clamp (Sky Hook 043) creatively combines efficiency and reliability, catering to a wide range of requirements and applications in professional photography and videography.


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