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Lee Filters (por pie) Reflector de oro suave (272)

(por pie) Reflector de oro suave (272)

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The technical product description for the "Feet(per foot) Soft Gold Reflector (272)" is outlined below.

The "Feet(per foot) Soft Gold Reflector (272)" is designed to provide a beneficial tool for both professional photographers and videographers. It predominantly enhances light quality, creating a soft and warm effect that every professional strives to achieve.

Key features and Specifications:

  • The reflector measures square foot per unit, facilitating control over the quantity to be used as per professional needs.
  • The soft gold finish of the Reflector imparts a warm tone to the photographs or videos, contributing to aesthetic value and appeal.
  • The Reflector (272) comes with flexibility, offering you the freedom to bend or fold it for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Its material maintains light reflectivity, thus ensuring optimal performance even after repeated use.
  • The product provides high color accuracy, making it an imperative addition to any professional's tool kit.

The "Feet(per foot) Soft Gold Reflector (272)" is intended for professionals who require reliable and consistent lighting refraction for their photographic and videographic endeavors. For its durability and performance, it stands as an excellent product choice.


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