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LocLum F-Type (Bassey Clamp), 50cm

F-Type (Bassey Clamp), 50cm

with double female 28mm mount.
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The ClampsF-Type (Bassey Clamp), 50cmby is a highly technical tool designed for professional photographers and videographers. Its many outstanding features make it an essential item in a professional's toolkit.

The key features of this clamp are detailed below:

  • It boasts a significant length of 50cm, providing extra reach and flexibility during shoots.
  • The clamp employs an F-type design, which is particularly useful for securing equipment in difficult positions and on uneven surfaces.
  • Known as the Bassey Clamp in some circles, this tool has developed a reputation for its robust construction and dependable performance.
  • This specialized clamp is designed for particular tasks, thus fulfilling a niche requirement for professionals in the field.

Next, we'll explore the technical specifications of the ClampsF-Type (Bassey Clamp), 50cmby:

  • Overall Product Length: 50cm. This allows for generous extension and exceptional versatility.
  • Clamp Type: F-Type. This refers to the specific design of the clamp jaws, ideal for specialized tasks.
  • Product Nickname: Bassey Clamp. This is commonly used in professional circles, citing its renowned manufacturer.
  • Build Material: The Clamp is made from top-grade materials, ensuring it's robust and durable for industrial use.

In summary, the ClampsF-Type (Bassey Clamp), 50cmby shines with its dedicated design, excellent performance, and durability. It meets the specific demands of professional photographers and videographers beautifully.


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