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LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Tela extra plateada/blanca 42 x 72", 100 x 180 cm

Tela extra plateada/blanca 42 x 72", 100 x 180 cm

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The Reflectors/DiffusorsExtra Scrim Silver/White is a professional-grade reflector and diffuser with the standard dimensions of 42 x 72 inches or 100 x 180 cm.

Key Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: The product measures 42 x 72 inches (100 x 180 cm), a perfect size to universally fit a variety of lighting setups.
  • Configuration: The scrim is double-sided, providing silver and white reflective surfaces for use in different lighting conditions.
  • Material: The scrim features a high-quality reflective and diffusive material, which ensures optimum reflection and diffusion of light.
  • Style: The silver side provides a crisp, high-contrast reflection while the white side ensures a softer and neutral-colored light.
  • Flexibility: The flexible steel frame allows easy setup and fold, and maintains the reflector shape during use.
  • Portability: The product comes with a durable carrying bag for convenient transport and storage.
  • Compatibility: It is perfect for both studio and field use by professional photographers and videographers.

This reflector/diffuser scrim is a versatile tool that can greatly enhance the quality of media production by modulating the properties of light.


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