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Filters Alquiler en Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Filtro de vidrio de 4x4" (ND 0.6 sólido)

Filtro de vidrio de 4x4" (ND 0.6 sólido)

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The Filters4x4" Glass Filter (ND 0.6 solid) by Filters4x4 is a specialty product for professional photographers and videographers. This neutral density filter reduces the amount of light entering your camera lens without significantly affecting the color balance and contrast of the image.

Here are the key technical specifications of this product:

  • It has a standardized size of 4x4 inches, making it compatible with many filter holders.
  • The filter uses high-quality glass materials for a clear and sharp image transmission.
  • ND 0.6 rating indicates a 2-stop light reduction, allowing you to manipulate exposure and depth of field.
  • The solid design of the filter means it provides a constant ND effect over the entire image.
  • The filter is also resistant to scratches and other physical damages due to its solid glass construction.

With precision manufacturing and high standard materials, the Filters4x4" Glass Filter (ND 0.6 solid) provides consistent results that meet the needs of professionals in the fields of photography and videography.


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