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Zeiss Lens Renting in Barcelona.

Zeiss Compact Prime CP.3 Kit Nikon F-Mount

Compact Prime CP.3 Kit Nikon F-Mount

Includes lenses: -21mm/T2.9 -35mm/T2.1 -50mm/T2.1 -85mm/T2.1
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The Zeiss Compact Prime CP.3 Kit Nikon F-Mount lens delivers superior excellence and reliability, perfect for professional photographers and videographers looking for a powerful, flexible tool to maximize their creative potential. Renowned for its unmatched quality and durability, the lens features clarity, sharpness, and the ability to capture intricate details with precision.

This lens kit consists of an array of prime lenses, each optimized to meet all the requirements of high-quality digital image capturing. The kit includes the CP.3 15mm T2.9, CP.3 25mm T2.1, CP.3 35mm T2.1, CP.3 50mm T2.1, and CP.3 85mm T2.1 lenses. All of these lenses come with a Nikon F-Mount.

Key features and technical specifications of the Zeiss Compact Prime CP.3 Kit Nikon F-Mount are:

  • Interchangeable Mount: Accommodates a variety of systems such as Sony E, Canon EF, Nikon F, PL and more.
  • Full-frame coverage (43.3 image circle) ensures no drop in resolution even when using cameras with high-resolution sensors.
  • Improved ergonomics and functionality with focus ring rotation of around 300 degrees ensures accurate and precise focusing.
  • Focal Length: The kit includes a range of lenses with focal lengths from 15mm to 85mm.
  • Floating Element Design: Reduces aberrations and enhances image quality over the entire field.
  • Standardized positioning of focus and iris gears: Facilitates swapping of lenses without readjusting the follow-focus mechanism.
  • 14-Blade Aperture: Delivers consistent and beautiful bokeh.
  • Data connectors for lens metadata: Provides valuable information on shutter speed, aperture, depth-of-field, zoom position and hyperspectral/multispectral data.

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