Our Story

At LocLum, we've been lighting up the world of visual storytelling since 2008. Born out of a deep understanding of the urgent need for a service-minded, competent, and locally stocked rental house, we've been on a mission to fuel your creativity. Our roots in Barcelona have allowed us to serve not just a city, but to extend our support to ambitious projects in all of Spain and beyond.

Our dedicated and diverse international crew is more than just a team; we're your partners in bringing your ideas to life. Passionate about providing extraordinary service, we stand by your side, ready to empower your vision. We're not just a rental service; we're your creative collaborator.

When you choose LocLum, you're choosing more than just equipment – you're choosing a community that supports, encourages, and believes in your artistry. From professional photographers and filmmakers to emerging talents, we're here to turn your dreams into reality.

So, whether you're stepping onto the bustling streets of Barcelona or venturing into the world beyond, LocLum is here to light your way and make your creative journey unforgettable.