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Zeiss Lens Renting in Barcelona.

Zeiss Compact Prime CP.3 85mm/T2.1 PL-Mount

Compact Prime CP.3 85mm/T2.1 PL-Mount

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The Zeiss LensCompact Prime CP.3 85mm/T2.1 PL-Mount is a high-quality professional camera lens intended for seasoned photographers and videographers. It is well-regarded in the industry for the superior image quality it can produce under various shooting conditions.

This lens features an 85mm focal length and has a maximum aperture of T2.1, which efficiently allows the entry of light, making it ideal for low light conditions. It employs a PL mount, which is commonly used in the cinema industry for its accuracy, strength, and stability. It is designed with a standardized positioning, allowing a consistent flange focal distance to maintain sharp focus across the entire image.

The Zeiss CP.3 lens also stands out for its compact structure and aesthetic quality that aims to reduce distortion while rendering accurate, vibrant colors for beautiful cinematography or photography. Its full-frame coverage with interchangeable mounts ensures a great deal of compatibility across different camera systems.

The CP.3 is designed with the Smooth Focus Rotation technique that provides an image of superior quality by minimizing breathing, a feature highly desirable in filmmaking. In addition, the lens includes the advanced lens data technology, known as Zeiss eXtended Data, offering lens metadata in real-time.

Key features and technical specifications:

  • Focal Length: 85mm
  • Maximum Aperture: T2.1
  • Lens Mount: PL-Mount
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 1.0m / 3.3ft
  • 14-Blade Aperture
  • Format coverage: Full Frame/Vista Vision
  • Interchangeable mount
  • Internal focusing mechanism
  • Smooth focus rotation
  • Zeiss eXtended Data Technology

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