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Zeiss Lens Renting in Barcelona.

Zeiss Compact Prime CP.3 50mm/T2.1 Sony E-Mount

Compact Prime CP.3 50mm/T2.1 Sony E-Mount

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The Zeiss LensCompact Prime CP.3 50mm/T2.1 Sony E-Mount is a highly sophisticated lens designed to satisfy the needs of professional photographers and videographers. It focuses on offering the optimal cinematic image in 4K+. Its compact and lightweight structure makes it easy to shoot in multiple locations and conditions.

This lens brings a sophisticated lens quality with its advanced lens coating, sealing and casing design. The unique characteristics of this Zeiss lens are meant to offer advanced control and easy handling to the photographers and videographers.

Its high-quality optical structure improves the overall shooting experience by providing excellent sharpness, contrast, and colour rendition. Its standard focus data attributes include lens data technology and compact full-frame lens featuring the Sony E-Mount.

  • Lens Type: Compact Prime Lens
  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Aperture: Maximum - T2.1
  • Mount Type: Sony E-Mount
  • Image Coverage: Full Frame (36 x 24mm)
  • Optical Design: Advanced distortion correction and special lens coatings
  • Focus rotation: 300°
  • Iris blades: 14
  • Close focus distance - 450mm/18"
  • Lens Data Technology: Yes

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