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Carts Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Wheelbarrow


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The CartsWheelbarrowby is a substantial tool designed to meet the needs of professional photographers and videographers. This cart is assembled with robust material for durability, and features a compact, transportable design for flexibility, and efficient maneuverability.

This product carries several key features:

  • Sturdy Construction: The wheelbarrow is made from robust materials that add to its durability and longevity.
  • High Load Capacity: It has a high carry load capacity, which can support heavy photographic and video gear safely.
  • Compact and Portable: Despite its substantial carry capacity, the cart itself has a compact and portable design.
  • Quick Fold Design: For easy storage and travel, the cart incorporates a quick fold design making it easier to pack up or set up.
  • Maneuverability: It features smooth-gliding wheels for efficient transportation and maneuverability.

It also boasts impressive technical specifications:

  • Constructed Material: High-quality durable alloy
  • Weight Capacity: Maximum weight load capacity up to a specific number of kilograms
  • Dimensions: Detailed measurements indicating size when packed and setup
  • Wheel Type: Premises on the type of terrains it can be operated on
  • Fold Design: Provide precise details about the folding mechanism and setup process

The CartsWheelbarrowby is an efficient solution for photographic and videographical professionals, providing both convenience and durability in a transportable design.


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