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Reflectors / Diffusors Renting in Barcelona.

Westcott Scrim Jim Kit 72 x 72", 180 x 180 cm

Scrim Jim Kit 72 x 72", 180 x 180 cm

Aluminum Frame, Silver/White Fabric, 3/4 Stop Diffusion Fabric, Kit Bag
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The Scrim Jim Kit 72 x 72" (approximately 180 x 180 cm) is a versatile reflective and light diffusing solution, that significantly aids in creating tailored lighting environments. The kit is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to photographers and videographers, by facilitating the control of both natural and artificial light sources.

Key features and technical specifications:

  • Constructed from anodized aluminum, the frame demonstrates high durability. It is lightweight and features a compact design, simplifying transportation between shoots.
  • The dimensions of 72 x 72" or approximately 180 x 180 cm provide ample size for managing light for a variety of shot types, from portraits to larger group or product setups.
  • The kit includes three fabrics—a reflective silver/white, a black block, and a ¾-stop diffuser—that can be swapped easily using the attached touch fasteners. This allows you to adjust light properties based on the needs of each shooting session.
  • The touch fastener coupled with corner connectors and strong elastic cording secures the fabric firmly on the frame, ensuring your lighting set up is sturdy and reliable.
  • The frame breaks down quickly and could easily be stowed in the included tote bag, which maximizes portability and convenience.

Please note: the actual colour and performance of filters may vary due to differences in monitor calibration. It is recommended that product tests be carried out under actual conditions to ascertain the correct filter needed for your requirements.


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