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LocLum V-Flats (Polyboards), 120 x 200 cm / 4 x 6,5' (purchase)

V-Flats (Polyboards), 120 x 200 cm / 4 x 6,5' (purchase)

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Introducing V-Flats - the versatile and essential addition to your photography or videography toolkit. These Polyboards are designed to provide the perfect backdrop or reflector for your creative projects.

Measuring 120 x 200 cm / 4 x 6,5', these V-Flats offer ample space for highlighting your subjects and capturing stunning shots. Made with high-quality materials, they provide a smooth and durable surface for consistent lighting and excellent results.

With V-Flats, you have the flexibility to control and manipulate light to your advantage. Use them as reflectors to bounce light onto your subject, enhancing shadows and providing a more even distribution of light. Alternatively, use them as backdrops to create a clean and professional look for your photos or videos.

Whether you are a professional photographer, a content creator, or someone who simply enjoys capturing moments, V-Flats are a must-have tool. Their versatility allows for endless creative possibilities, making them suitable for various indoor and outdoor settings.

Invest in V-Flats today and elevate your photography or videography game. Whether you're shooting portraits, fashion, products, or anything in between, these Polyboards will be your reliable go-to solution for achieving professional results every time.


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