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LocLum V-Flats (Foamboards), 120 x 240 cm / 4 x 8' (purchase)

V-Flats (Foamboards), 120 x 240 cm / 4 x 8' (purchase)

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Introducing V-Flats (Foamboards) - the perfect solution for photographers and videographers seeking versatile and reliable equipment for their creative projects.

With dimensions of 120 x 240 cm or 4 x 8 feet, these V-Flats offer ample coverage for your shooting needs. The foamboard construction provides exceptional durability and a lightweight design, allowing for easy transport and setup.

Whether you need a reflective surface to bounce and shape light, or a solid backdrop for your shots, V-Flats are the ideal multipurpose tool. These foamboards come in a sleek black finish, providing a professional look and ensuring they blend seamlessly into any creative set.

Designed to optimize your lighting setup, V-Flats can be easily positioned to reflect or block light, allowing for precise control over shadows and highlights. The dual-sided feature offers even more versatility, as one side boasts a matte finish, perfect for diffusing light, while the other side offers a shiny surface to amplify reflections.

Invest in the V-Flats foamboards and unlock endless possibilities for your photography and videography projects. Experience the convenience, durability, and versatility that these 120 x 240 cm (4 x 8') V-Flats offer, and elevate your creative work to new heights.


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