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Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mounting System Pro - V-mount

Hydra Alien Car Mounting System Pro - V-mount

- 1 Hydra Alien Dovetail Plate L1(HDA-T02-L1) - 1 Hydra Alien Dovetail Plate L2(HDA-T02-L2) - 1 Hydra Alien Dovetail Plate L3(HDA-T02-L3) - 1 Hydra Alien Dovetail Plate L4(HDA-T02-L4) - 1 Hydra Alien Dovetail Connector Plate(HDA-T02-DCP) - 1 Hydra Alien Large Suction Cup(HDA-T02-LSC) - 2 Hydra Alien Small Suction Cup(HDA-T02-SSC) - 1 Hydra Alien Shock Absorbing Arm with Hydraulic Damping Pole(HDA-T02-SAA) - 1 Power Supply Base Plate for RS 2 with power cable(TGA-PBP) - 8 Counterweight 220g TGA-CW-220) - 1 Set of 10 pieces Hydra Alien Cable Clamp Suction Cup(HDA-T02-CSC) - 1 Hydra Alien Tool Kit(HDA-T02-TK) - 1 Safety Belt(219-000000-089) - 1 Hydra Dual Battery Plate Cradle Head – V Mount(HDA-BCH-V) - 2 Hydra Alien V-Mount Battery Plate(HDA-T02-BP-V) - 1 Hydra Alien 90 Degree Adapter for Shock Absorbing Head(HDA-T02-ASA) - 1 Hydra Alien Shock Absorbing Head(HDA-T02-SAH) - 1 Hydra Alien Dual Battery Plate Support Bracket(HDA-T02-DPS) - 1 Hydra Alien Car Mounting Hard Shell Waterproof Safety Case(HDA-T02-WSC) - 1 Hydra Alien Monitor Bracket(HDA-T02-MB) - 1 Remote Control Handle for RS 2/Ronin S(TGA-RCH) - 1 Remote Control Receiver Module for RS 2(TGA-RCR) - 1 6-Pin Lemo to 6-Pin Lemo Cable(500 cm) (TCB-6LE-6LE-500) - 1 Hydra Alien Pelicase
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The Hydra Alien Car Mounting System Pro - V-mount is a comprehensive tool for professional photographers and videographers keen on capturing moving shots. Designed for mounting cameras on a car, it offers high handling and stability while shooting.

Key Features:

  • Multiple mounting options: Can be attached to a car's bonnet, roof, door, or windows for maximum flexibility.
  • V-mount system: The equipment comes with a V-mount system that can be used with various professional cameras.
  • Highly secure: Equipped with strong suction cups that can hold extensive weight, ensuring safety and stability.
  • Flexible angles: With 360 degrees rotatable head, it enables shooting from different angles without the need to move the car or the equipment.
  • Shock absorbing: For clear and stable shots, the system features shock absorbing properties to dampen vibrations and sudden movements.
  • Easy installation: Installation is easy with clear instructions and does not require any additional equipment.

Technical Specifications:

  • Mounting Type: Suction Cups
  • Attachment Type: V-mount
  • Material: High-strength Composite
  • Weight bearing capacity: Can hold cameras up to 20kg
  • Rotation: 360 degrees

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