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Tethertools Rock Solid VESA Monitor Mount (22", 24", 27")

Rock Solid VESA Monitor Mount (22", 24", 27")

comes with 4 screws and washers.
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The MonitorsRock Solid VESA Monitor Mount supports screen sizes of 22", 24", and 27", making it a versatile solution for diverse visual setups. It's compatible with a wide range of monitors that adhere to the VESA mount standard, including those from major manufacturers.

This mount is meticulously crafted to offer maximum stability and durability. It is constructed from high-grade steel for long-lasting performance, and its robust design accommodates heavy-duty uses with ease. The mount's load-bearing capacity ensures it can handle monitors safely and securely.

  • Product Name: MonitorsRock Solid VESA Monitor Mount
  • Compatible Monitor Sizes: 22", 24", 27"
  • Mount Standard: VESA
  • Material: High-grade Steel
  • Load-bearing Capacity: Supports heavy-duty monitors
  • Additional Features: Robust and durable design, versatile compatibility

The MonitorsRock Solid VESA Monitor Mount also comes with an adjustable arm that allows for a flexible range of motion. This enhances ergonomics by letting users position their monitor at the most comfortable viewing angle. It's also designed with a simple setup in mind, featuring an easy-to-follow installation process.

  • Arm Type: Adjustable
  • Installation: Designed for easy setup
  • Ergonomic Design: Allows for optimal monitor positioning

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