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V-Mount Renting in Barcelona.

Swit V-mount Li-Ion Battery 14.8V, 220Wh

V-mount Li-Ion Battery 14.8V, 220Wh

suitable for Aputure 300 and 600 lamps.
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The V-Mount Li-Ion Battery 14.8V, 220Wh is a high-performance battery primarily designed for professional videographers and photographers. This equipment is necessary for individuals in the creation business, particularly those who require a dependable and long-lasting power source for their devices.

This product possesses remarkable technical specifications, some of which are enshrined in the following list:

  • Voltage: This battery operates on a 14.8V electrification system. This makes it suitable for most professional-grade cameras, camcorders, LED lights, monitors and other filmmaking equipment that requires 14.8V.
  • Capacity: With a power capacity of 220Wh, this battery offers enduring hours of operation, allowing you to focus more on your shoot.
  • Technology: This power source uses the V-mount technology which is known for its seamless attachment and detachment, providing a quick, secure, and convenient connection.
  • Type: It is of the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) type, which is generally lighter in weight and longer in lifespan than its counterparts.
  • Indicator: It has a four LED power indicator that shows the power level remaining, minimizing downtime due to unexpected power outages.
  • Protection: This battery comes with multiple circuit protections. It is safeguarded against over-charging, over-discharging, over-current, and short-circuit.

With the V-Mount Li-Ion Battery 14.8V, 220Wh, extended shooting sessions are enabled with confidence. This is a crucial tool in ensuring that your photography or videography work runs smoothly without power disruptions.


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