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Reflectors / Diffusors Renting in Barcelona.

Sunbounce Sunswatter Big with -1/3 and -2/3 st., 180 x 245 cm / 6 x 8'

Sunswatter Big with -1/3 and -2/3 st., 180 x 245 cm / 6 x 8'

includes boomstick
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The Reflectors / DiffusorsSunswatter Big is a well-designed photographic accessory that is essential for both professional photographers and videographers. It is specifically designed to manipulate light and create perfect illumination for your shots.

Providing measurements of approximately 180 x 245 cm or 6 x 8', this reflector/diffusor is big enough to use in various shooting situations. Whether you need to make an outdoor shoot or an indoor session, this accessory can cater to that.

Its light-modifying capabilities include two different screen strengths of -1/3 and -2/3 stop, which give you the flexibility to manipulate the intensity of light you wish to reflect onto your subject or scenery.

Key Features and Technical specifications:

  • Product name: Reflectors / DiffusorsSunswatter Big
  • Screen strengths: -1/3 and -2/3 stop
  • Dimensions: 180 x 245 cm / 6 x 8'
  • Light modifying capabilities: Yes

This reflector/diffusor is a great addition to your photography and videography gear, not only for the flexibility it brings in achieving desired lighting effects but also for the professional quality finish it can provide to your work.


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