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LocLum Speedclip for 50mm Bar

Speedclip for 50mm Bar

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The ClampsSpeedclip for 50mm Bar is an essential tool for professional photographers and videographers who utilize heavyweight equipment during shoots. It's a heavy-duty clamp designed to securely fasten equipment to a 50mm bar.

Main features include:

  • Heavy-duty design: The ClampsSpeedclip is engineered for durability and strength, making it ideal for securely holding heavyweight photography and videography equipment.
  • 50mm bar compatibility: Specifically designed to fit a 50mm bar, the clamp provides a reliable grip for your photography tools.
  • Easy installation: The clip-on design of this clamp allows for easy and quick installation, making it a convenient addition to your photography gear.
  • Non-scratch padding: The clamp features non-scratch padding to protect the surface of your equipment, helping to maintain its pristine condition.
  • High load capacity: With its robust construction, the ClampsSpeedclip for 50mm Bar can bear a significant amount of weight, providing added security for your expensive gear.

Technical specifications:

  • Diameter compatibility: 50mm
  • Material composition: Industrial grade steel
  • Clamping mechanism: Speed clip, quick mount
  • Load capacity: High (specific load capacity might vary depending on the model)
  • Protection: Non-scratch padding
  • Installation: Clip-on design

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