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Lens Extender Renting in Barcelona.

Sony Extender / Teleconvertor 2.0x

Extender / Teleconvertor 2.0x

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The Lens Extender/Teleconverter 2.0x offers a straightforward solution for enhancing the focal length of your lens. This high-performance tool doubles the focal length of the lens, providing excellent results without compromising image quality.

Key Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Focal Length Enhancement: This lens extender doubles the focal length of the camera lens, operating at a 2.0x magnification ratio.
  • Compatible Lens Mounts: The product is designed to support various lens mounts, broadening its compatibility with a range of cameras. Check your camera's lens mount before purchase.
  • Optical Performance: The lens extender is designed to maintain optimal image quality, ensuring minimal degradation in resolution or contrast.
  • Dimension and Weight: The dimensions and weight of the product are contingent on the model. Always consider the impact on balance and handling when mounted to your camera.
  • Construction and Durability: Built to last, this lens extender features a robust construction. The materials used provide high durability, ensuring long-term use and reliability.
  • Extra Features: The lens extender may come with additional features, such as a lens cap or a carry bag for easy transportation and protection.

Please check the product manual for more detailed specifications or possible warnings regarding usage and camera compatibility.


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