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Sony BP-U65 Battery

BP-U65 Battery

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The Batteries / ChargersBP-U65 Battery is a professional-grade power source designed to support extended device use. Engineered with the latest technologies, this battery solution offers dependable power performance to keep up with your demanding work.

Key Features:

  • High Capacity: The BP-U65 battery possesses a high capacity of 65Wh (Watt Hours), suitable for long shooting hours.
  • LED Battery Indicators: Four LED indicators display the remaining battery life for precise power management.
  • Advanced Safety Functions: Equipped with multiple safety systems including over-charge, over-discharge, and high-temperature protection.
  • Quick Charging: Compatible with rapid charging systems to replenish energy quickly and get you back to your shooting schedule.

Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Capacity: 65Wh
  • Energy Output: 14.4V
  • Power Indicators: 4-LED gauge
  • Safety Features: Over-charge, Over-discharge, High-temperature protection
  • Quick Charge Compatibility: Yes

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