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Soft-/ Octaboxes Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum Softbox LED Panel, 30 x 30 cm / 1 x 1'

Softbox LED Panel, 30 x 30 cm / 1 x 1'

Includes one diffusor.
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The Soft-/ OctaboxesSoftbox LED Panel is a sophisticated and versatile lighting tool designed for professional photographers and videographers. Its dimensions measure 30 x 30 cm (approximately 1 x 1'). This LED panel provides fully adjustable brightness levels and offers impressive color accuracy to ensure optimal image and video quality.

Key features and technical specifications of the Soft-/ OctaboxesSoftbox LED Panel include:

  • Dimensions: Measures 30 x 30 cm (1 x 1'), making it a compact and portable solution for lighting needs.
  • Adjustable brightness: The LED panel boasts fully adjustable brightness levels, enabling users to create the desired ambiance and mood for their shots.
  • Color accuracy: The LED panel offers impressive color accuracy, ensuring that the final output is as realistic and vibrant as possible.
  • Energy-efficient: The LED technology used in the panel not only ensures bright and uniform light dispersion but also contributes to energy efficiency.
  • Flexibility: The Soft-/ OctaboxesSoftbox LED Panel can be used for both still photography and videography, making it a versatile addition to any professional's toolkit.
  • Durability: Made from sturdy materials, the Soft-/ OctaboxesSoftbox LED Panel has been designed to withstand the rigors of professional use.

Note: As this is a purely technical description, the actual performance of the product may depend on various factors such as user experience, environment, and more.


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