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Gimbals / Rigs Renting in Barcelona.

Smallrig Shoulder Kit Pro

Shoulder Kit Pro

includes: -Pro Shoulder Pad with Nato mount, V-lock mount and camera plate. -2 x Nato Arms with Wooden Handle (1 x R, 1 x L). -Base Plate for 15mm Rails. -Lens Support for 15mm Rails (variable height). -2 x 15mm Rail, 40cm (with end plugs) -2 x 15mm Rail, 30cm (with end plugs). -2 x 15mm Rail, 20cm (with end plugs). -2 x 15mm Rail, 10cm (no end plugs). -6 x Double Screw to connect Rails.
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The Gimbals / RigsShoulder Kit Proby is a mature cinema production solution. Engineered for professional videographers, it is well-reputed for its straightforward operation and diverse functionality. The main body of the rig is made from aviation-grade aluminium alloy, which guarantees high strength and light weight.

Key features and technical specifications include:

  • Three-axis gimbal: This feature helps stabilize the camera and guarantees smooth, high-quality footage regardless of the shooting conditions.
  • Universal design: The rig is designed to be compatible with a wide range of cameras, from high-end professional models to consumer-grade DSLRs.
  • Aviation-grade Aluminium Alloy: High-strength and lightweight, this material ensures the rig can stand up to rigorous use while being easy to handle for prolonged shooting sessions.
  • User-friendly interface: The control buttons, knobs, and switches are intuitively laid out for easy access and straightforward operation.
  • Flexible configuration: The rig is designed to accommodate a variety of setups, with easy adjustments to suit the specific needs of the videographer.
  • Power management system: Integrated power supply module that manages power distribution between the camera, monitor, and other accessories, effectively prolonging operation times.
  • Shoulder-mount design: The retrofittable shoulder mount kit allows handheld shooting for dynamic scenes and can be easily attached or removed depending on the shooting requirements.
  • Comprehensive accessories: The kit comes with counterweights, top handles, baseplates, monitor mounts and cables, etc., adding versatility and allowing a customized setup for diverse shooting scenarios.

The Gimbals / RigsShoulder Kit Proby combines practical features with robust construction, making it a suitable accessory for filmmakers who demand versatility and reliability.


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