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Gimbals / Rigs Renting in Barcelona.

Smallrig Matte box 2660 (4x4" and 4x6") for mount and rails

Matte box 2660 (4x4" and 4x6") for mount and rails

includes stages for filters. Comes with five rings (67, 72, 77, 82 and 86mm), two allen keys and a mount for rails. Rails not included.
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The Gimbals / RigsMatte box 2660 (4x4" and 4x6") for mount and rails is a high-quality matte box designed for professional videography applications. This product has a wide range of features and technical specifications designed to enhance the photography experience.

  • Compatibility: The Gimbals / RigsMatte box 2660 is designed to hold both 4x4" and 4x6" filters, providing compatibility with a wide range of filter sizes for diverse cinematography needs.
  • Mounting: This matte box is designed for mounting on rails, ensuring a stable and secure attachment to your camera setup.
  • Construction: Constructed with robust materials, the matte box 2660 is built to withstand rigorous use in diverse conditions, making it an excellent choice for on-location shoots.
  • Design: The matte box features a unique design that minimizes lens flare and controls the amount of light that enters the lens. The top and side flags are easily adjustable for maximum light control.
  • Dimensions: The Matte box has a dimension suitable for a wide range of lens diameters, ensuring versatility and adaptability for different lens types.
  • Weight: Despite its robust build, the matte box maintains a lightweight design to ensure minimal addition to the overall equipment weight, promoting ease of use and mobility.

This Gimbal / RigsMatte box is an essential addition to any professional videographer's gear, offering advanced light control and enhancing the overall quality of videography.


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