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Lens Adapter Renting in Barcelona.

Sirui Sony E-Mount (camera) to PL (lens)

Sony E-Mount (camera) to PL (lens)

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The Lens Adapter is designed to connect Sony E-Mount cameras with PL mount lenses, providing an expanded range of lens options for users. This adapter enhances the versatility of your camera, enabling you to use professional-grade cinema lenses that are popular in the industry.

Below are the key features and technical specifications:

  • The adapter is made with high-precision, durable materials for enduring performance.
  • This device is equipped with a robust locking mechanism which ensures a secure attachment between lens and camera.
  • It is designed to support full-frame format lenses and cameras.
  • By retaining infinity focus, this adapter preserves the depth of field and sharpness in your images.
  • This adapter is manual, and therefore does not transmit electronic lens data to the camera. Users may need to manually adjust settings such as focus and aperture on the lens.
  • The adapter is lightweight, minimizing any additional carrying weight to your gear.
  • The product includes a removable tripod foot which can be used to mount your camera on a tripod for added stability.

Overall, this Lens Adapter for Sony E-Mount to PL brings greater flexibility and possibility to your photography and videography practice, maintaining the full optical performance of your PL lenses when used with Sony E-mount cameras.


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