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360 x 360 cm / 12 x 12' Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Scrim for Butterfly 360x360 cm / 12 x 12', muslin unbleached

Scrim for Butterfly 360x360 cm / 12 x 12', muslin unbleached

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This product is a 360 x 360 cm / 12 x 12' Scrim for Butterfly Frame. It is constructed of quality Muslin Unbleached fabric, designed specifically to provide professional control over lighting conditions. This scrim serves as a key tool for videographers and photographers as it is designed to diffuse light, reduce contrast, and create a soft light on set or during outdoor shoots.

Main Features:

  • Dimension: 360 x 360 cm / 12 x 12' - Large enough to cover a substantial area and create a vast variety of lighting effects.
  • Material: Made of Muslin Unbleached fabric - A preferred choice for its light weight, durability, cost-effectiveness, and natural light diffusion properties.
  • Use: Ideal for both outdoor and studio set-ups. The natural color of the muslin scrim helps to minimise colour spills and retain skin tones.
  • Function: Softens and diffuses direct light, reduces harsh shadows and contrast, ensuring a more natural and pleasing light spread.

This was specifically designed around combatting challenging lighting scenarios. The size and construction quality of the 360 x 360 cm / 12 x 12' Muslin Unbleached Scrim makes it a reliable choice for professional photographers and videographers.


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