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240 x 240 cm / 8 x 8' Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Scrim for Butterfly 240x240 cm / 8 x 8', full (artf. silk)

Scrim for Butterfly 240x240 cm / 8 x 8', full (artf. silk)

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The 240 x 240 cm / 8 x 8' Scrim for Butterfly is a comprehensive tool designed primarily for professional photographers and videographers. Constructed out of high-quality artf. silk, it ensures exceptional performance in various lighting situations.

Key Features:

  • DIMENSIONS: The scrim measures 240 x 240 cm or 8 x 8', providing an ample surface area for light diffusion.
  • MATERIAL: It is crafted out of top-grade artf. silk, renowned for its durability and light handling capabilities.
  • USE: Ideal for professional photographers and videographers, perfect for both studio and outdoor shoots.

Technical Specifications:

  • SIZE: The Scrim for Butterfly is available in a size of 240 x 240 cm / 8 x 8'.
  • FABRIC: Made with high-quality artf. silk that is designed to last longer and provide efficient light diffusion.
  • APPLICATION: Designed for use with the Butterfly frame system, this scrim is ideal for many types of photography and videography sessions.

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