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180 x 180 cm / 6 x 6' Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Scrim for Butterfly 180 x 180 cm / 6 x 6', single net

Scrim for Butterfly 180 x 180 cm / 6 x 6', single net

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The 180 x 180 cm / 6 x 6' Scrim for Butterfly single net is a highly useful tool for professional photographers and videographers seeking controlled lighting conditions on the set. This scrim allows maximum control over the intensity and quality of light, making it a widely-used accessory in film studios and outdoor shooting locations.

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 180 x 180 cm / 6 x 6'
  • Weight: Lightweight for easy handling and setup
  • Material: Durable high-quality single net fabric
  • Colour: Neutral, ensuring no colour cast on the subject or scene
  • Light Reduction: Approximately 0.6 Stops
  • Compatibility: Works perfectly with Butterfly frames of the same size

The scrim's composition ensures that light can spread evenly across your scene or subject, providing a natural and softly-diffused look. It reduces the light intensity by approximately 0.6 stops, making the scrim an essential tool for manipulating the light without altering its colour.

With a neutral colour and made from high-quality single net fabric, this scrim doesn't cast any colour on the subject. This means the colour temperature of your light source stays unchanged. Furthermore, the scrim's dimensions are designed perfectly to fit Butterfly frames of the same size, ensuring a seamless connection without light leakage.

Despite its large size, this scrim is lightweight, making it easy to handle and set up. It also reduces the need for heavy-duty support stands. It's durable, thus able to withstand rigorous production environments and is an investment sure to last several production cycles.


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