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180 x 180 cm / 6 x 6' Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Scrim for Butterfly 180 x 180 cm / 6 x 6', full grid cloth

Scrim for Butterfly 180 x 180 cm / 6 x 6', full grid cloth

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The 180 x 180 cm / 6 x 6' Scrim for Butterfly is a full grid cloth essential for controlling, modifying, and directing light in professional photography and videography studios.

Key features and technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: The scrim measures 180cm x 180cm / 6ft x 6ft, making it the right size to handle various lighting situations.
  • Material: It is manufactured from durable, high-quality grid cloth, known for its superior diffusing properties and longevity.
  • Grid: The full grid design allows for a more precise light adjustment, providing perfect control over shadow and highlight details.
  • Setup: It is designed for easy setup and disassembly, saving valuable shooting time.
  • Easy storage and transport: It can be easily folded compactly for storage and transport, making it an ideal choice for on-location shoots.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with the Butterfly frame system, expanding its utility and versatility in professional setups.

This scrim is perfect for any professional photography or video production scenario, where controlling and shaping light is crucial for the final image quality.


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