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Background Roll Renting in Barcelona.

Savage Background Roll 3,55 x 30 m / 12 x 98'

Background Roll 3,55 x 30 m / 12 x 98'

Please have a look at the Savage Swatch Card, choose the color and add it in the comment field in your quote.
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The Background Roll 3,55 x 30 m / 12 x 98' is a high-quality product that is designed for professional photographers and videographers. With its vast dimensions, this item assists in creating visually compelling and spacious backgrounds, emphasizing the perfect contrast with the subject.

Key Features and Technical Specifications:

  • DIMENSIONS: The Background Roll measures 3,55 m x 30 m (approx 12' x 98'), providing a generous space to deliver astounding shots.
  • MATERIAL DNA: Constructed from premium quality, non-reflective material ensures less potential for glare and unwanted reflections in your shots.
  • EASY HANDLING: Despite its large size, the roll is easy to set up and dismantle, aiding in hassle-free assembly and storage.
  • DURABILITY: The high-quality material used ensures longevity of the roll despite frequent use. It is resistant to tearing and damage.
  • USAGE: Ideal for both studio and on-site use, the roll is portable and versatile. It is suitable for video shooting, TV production, and still photography.
  • COLOUR: Typically available in a range of balanced neutrals to match different shooting requirements.

Please note, the colour availability and usage recommendations are general, and the actual range might vary from product to product.


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