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Savage Background Roll 2,70 x 11 m / 9 x 36', bone 51

Background Roll 2,70 x 11 m / 9 x 36', bone 51

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The Background Roll 2,70 x 11 m / 9 x 36', bone 51 is a sizeable photography background roll designed to fit the needs of professional photographers and videographers. Made of high-quality, durable material, this product ensures longevity and enduring performance.

Its key features and technical specifications are as follows:

  • Size: The background roll measures 2.70 meters in width and 11 meters in length, or approximately 9 x 36 feet, providing abundant space to craft any desired scene or setting.
  • Colour: The shade, referred to as 'bone 51', is a subtle, light color that serves as a soft, neutral background, perfect for all types of photoshoots.
  • Material: The roll is made from high-quality, long-lasting material that holds up against wear and tear and maintains its aesthetic appeal over time.
  • Usage: The background roll is well-suited to a wide range of photography genres, including portraits, still-life, and commercial photography. It is also versatile enough to be used in videography setups.
  • Easy Setup: The roll can be easily mounted onto a backdrop stand or any other suitable support. It unrolls smoothly for quick setup and wraps up effortlessly for space-saving storage.

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