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Samsung 2TB, T5 SSD (USB-C)


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The Portable Hard Disk 2TB, T5 SSD (USB-C) is a compact and durable storage solution with a range of key features and technical specifications predominantly designed to meet the needs of professional photographers and videographers.

Key features and technical specifications:

  • Model: T5 SSD (USB-C)
  • Storage Capacity: 2 Terabytes
  • Interface: USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 2)
  • Data Transfer Rate: Up to 540 MB/s
  • Dimensions: 74 x 57.3 x 10.5 mm
  • Weight: 51 grams
  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Android
  • Security: AES 256-bit hardware encryption

Structurally, the Portable Hard Disk 2TB, T5 SSD (USB-C) features a robust metal body with rounded edges, providing high shock resistance. With its compact size and lightweight design, it's ideal for professionals on the go; it even conveniently fits in the palm of your hand.

The device comes with a USB Type-C to C and USB Type-C to A cables for added flexibility across devices. These cables ensure seamless connectivity and fast data transfer under any working condition.

In terms of compatibility, it can interact efficiently with a broad range of operating systems - Windows, macOS, and Android. Moreover, it offers top-level security by integrating AES 256-bit hardware encryption, keeping your data safe from unauthorized access.


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