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Tripods / Heads Renting in Barcelona.

Sachtler Video 18 S2

Video 18 S2

with fluid head, ENG 2 CF, spider, and bag.
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The Tripods / HeadsVideo 18 S2by is a professional tripod designed to meet the needs of photographers and videographers. The key features and technical specifications for the product are listed below:

  • Material: The tripod is made of high quality aluminum and magnesium alloy, ensuring durability and stability.
  • Max Load Capacity: It's is designed to support a maximum load of up to 20kg, allowing users to mount heavy camera equipment without any stability issues.
  • Height Range: Its height can be adjusted within a range of 55cm to 155cm, catering to different shooting or filming scenarios and users' heights.
  • Weight: This tripod weighs only about 2.5kg, making it convenient for mobile usage and transportation.
  • Head Type: The fluid head of the tripod provides smooth pan and tilt motion.
  • Leg Sections: It features a 3-section leg system, which can be adjusted for optimal performance in different environments.
  • Quick Release Plate: The quick release plate allows for easy setup and detachment of the camera.
  • Spreaders: The middle spreader provides extra stability, ensuring secure set-up even on uneven grounds.
  • Bubble Level: A built-in bubble level assists in quick, accurate set-up and alignment.

In conclusion, the Tripods/HeadsVideo 18 S2 is an advanced, trustworthy choice for both professional photographers and videographers, boasting an array of impressive technical features to aid in a range of shooting conditions.


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