Runing Hours Renting in Barcelona.

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Running hours @ €7

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The Runing Hours product is a digital offering that allows professionals to purchase and utilize photographic services on an hourly basis. The cost per hour is a fixed rate of €7.

The key features and technical specifications of this product are as follows:

  • The Runing Hours rate is fixed at €7 per hour of service.
  • The services are digital in nature and can be availed from any location.
  • Users can book as many hours as needed, which provides flexibility in terms of project duration and scope.
  • The service includes consultation, photography/videography, editing, and delivery of digital files.
  • The product does not impose restrictions on the type of project or the genre of photography/videography.

Note: This product is focused on providing service hours and does not come with any physical equipment or product. The service hours are non-transferable once booked.


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