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Running hours @ €5

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The Runing HoursRunning hours @ €5by is a flexible utility made for professional photographers and videographers' booking needs. It enables users to purchase time slots for their professional work at an affordable price of €5 per hour.

The main features and technical specifications of the product include:

  • The product is offered in time slots with a standardized rate of €5 per hour - a suitable pricing strategy for creators on different budgets.
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface, enabling users to quickly and easily book the hours they require for their respective projects.
  • Its customizable feature enables users to book hours in advance based on their project requirements, offering ample flexibility and control.
  • Provides the option to extend booked hours, accommodating unexpected project extensions.
  • Designed to support a wide range of operations and platforms, offering wide accessibility for users from different fields.
  • Comes with a robust and reliable customer service line that operates round-the-clock, providing assistance and support to users when needed.

This product offers a reliable solution for photographers and videographers who require flexible booking hours for carrying out their projects. By focusing on affordability and flexibility, it is designed to accommodate the varying needs of professional photographers and videographers.


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