Runing Hours Renting in Barcelona.

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Running hours @ €21

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The Running Hours is a service catered for professional photographers and videographers. It offers work hours which can be availed at a rate of €21 per hour. The service is reinforcing the concept of 'pay for what you use' in the field of professional photography and videography. It addresses the need for the flexible employment of services as per demand.

Key Features:

  • An hourly-rate cost system, allowing users to pay based on their utilization of the service
  • Caters to the needs of professional photographers and videographers
  • Offers flexibility in employing services as per the requirement and budget of the user
  • Service availability is ensured around the clock, allowing users to reserve hours at their convenience
  • The cost of service does not compromise the quality of service provided

Technical Specifications:

  • Service Type: Professional Photography and Videography Assistance
  • Rate: €21 Per Hour
  • Availability: 24/7 Service

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