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Production Misc Renting in Barcelona.

LocLum - Light, Camera and Digital Rent Rain Umbrella (golf)

Rain Umbrella (golf)

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The Production MiscRain Umbrella (Golf) is a particularly designed umbrella that has been made with the specific needs of photographers and videographers in consideration. It's designed to provide superior protection from the elements, especially rain, during production days on the field or in outdoor settings.

Key features include:

  • Dimension: The umbrella spans over a large diameter when opened, making it ideal for providing substantial coverage during a sudden downpour.
  • Canopy: It features a robust canopy made from high-quality, waterproof fabric that can withstand heavy rainfall, ensuring maximum water resistance.
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy frame contributes to its overall lightness while providing considerable rigidity and resistance to windy conditions.
  • Handle: The ergonomic handle is designed for a comfortable, non-slip grip, making it easier to hold for extended periods.
  • Portable: Its collapsible design makes it easily portable and ideal for location shoots.

In terms of technical specifications:

  • Umbrella Diameter: Approximate measurement details indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Material: In-depth details about the material used for the frame, both the inner and outer canopy.
  • Weight: The total weight of the product in its packaging.
  • Collapsed Length: The total length of the product when fully collapsed.
  • Color availability: Information on the different color options available for the product.

Please refer to the manufacturer's guide for any additional technical specifications.


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