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Profoto Umbrella Deep Silver M, 105cm / 41'

Umbrella Deep Silver M, 105cm / 41'

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The Umbrella Deep Silver M model is characterized by its 105cm / 41' impressive size, offering a large light-spread for studios or outdoor locations. Provides professional photographers and videographers a high-level light control and quality.

Key Features:

  • Large Size: The umbrella measures 105cm / 41', providing a large light source for evenly lit subjects.
  • Deep Shape: The unique deep shape presents better light control compared to conventional umbrellas.
  • Silver Interior: The silver interior compound is ideal for maintaining cooler colour temperatures and creating directional light.

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Type: Professional Photography Umbrella
  • Model: Umbrella Deep Silver M
  • Diameter: 105cm / 41'
  • Interior Material: Silver
  • Shape: Deep

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