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Profoto Light Shaper Renting in Barcelona.

Profoto Pro Soft Zoom Reflector Kit (Para) 120 cm / 4'

Pro Soft Zoom Reflector Kit (Para) 120 cm / 4'

includes: - Parabolic Reflector - Zoom Rod with pivoting clamp and head mount, in bag - 2 Diffusors (int./ext.) - Bag
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The Pro Soft Zoom Reflector Kit (Para) is the ultimate lighting accessory for professional photographers and videographers. Measuring 120 cm or 4 feet in diameter, this reflector kit is designed to provide soft and even lighting for your subjects.

Featuring a unique zoom system, the reflector can be adjusted to control the spread of light, allowing for precise and customizable lighting setups. Whether you need a wide beam for large group shots or a narrow beam for highlighting specific details, this reflector kit has got you covered.

Made from high-quality materials, the Pro Soft Zoom Reflector Kit ensures durability and longevity even with frequent use. The reflective silver interior maximizes the efficiency of the light output, resulting in bright and well-lit images or videos.

Easy to set up and use, this reflector kit is compatible with various lighting setups and equipment. It comes with a sturdy stand and a versatile mount, allowing for effortless positioning and adjustment. The kit also includes a convenient carrying case for hassle-free transport and storage.

Enhance your photography or videography with the Pro Soft Zoom Reflector Kit (Para) 120 cm / 4'. Bring out the best in your subjects and create stunning visuals with this essential lighting tool.


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