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Flash Heads Renting in Barcelona.

Profoto Pro Ring Flash (2400W)

Pro Ring Flash (2400W)

No model light. Only 4 flashes per minute on full power. Excessive heat will damage the flash tube and is not covered by LocLum.
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The Flash HeadsPro Ring Flash (2400W) is a professional grade lighting accessory aimed at providing a superior lighting experience for professional photographers and videographers. The product incorporates a number of technical specifications aimed at improving the overall performance and efficiency of the user's lighting setup.

The key features and technical specifications of the Flash HeadsPro Ring Flash (2400W) include:

  • High output: A 2400W ring flash that provides a strong, diffused form of lighting, producing shadows with soft edges. This effect is extensively used in fashion and beauty photography.
  • Color Temperature: A steady 5600K±200K color temperature ensures that the colors in your photography are accurately represented.
  • Recycle time: Fast recycle time of 0.1-2.5s, allowing for quick bursts of shots.
  • Flash duration: It provides a short flash duration of 1/2000 to 1/800 of a second enabling it to freeze action completely.
  • Modelling lamp: Comes equipped with a 150W modeling lamp that can help photographers visualize what the final image will look like.
  • Sturdy build: The robust and durable build of the Ring Flash aids in ensuring longevity and consistent performance under challenging conditions.
  • Flexible operation: It features a functioning voltage of AC100V-120V/60Hz or AC200V-240V/50Hz, offering flexibility based on geographical locations.

Overall, the Flash HeadsPro Ring Flash (2400W) provides professional photographers and videographers with a high-powered, reliable and efficient lighting solution for their needs.


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