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Profoto Light Shaper Renting in Barcelona.

Profoto ProFresnel Spot

ProFresnel Spot

includes barndoors.
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Introducing the ProFresnel Spot, a revolutionary lighting solution for professional photographers and videographers. Designed to provide exceptional precision and versatility, this high-performance spotlight offers unparalleled control over lighting setups.

Equipped with a high-quality Fresnel lens, the ProFresnel Spot produces a focused beam of light with impeccable clarity and minimal light spillage. Whether you need to highlight a specific subject or create dramatic lighting effects, this product delivers outstanding results every time.

The ProFresnel Spot features adjustable focus and zoom, allowing you to modify the light's angle of coverage effortlessly. With the ability to precisely adjust the beam angle from narrow to wide, this spotlight provides endless possibilities for creative lighting configurations.

Constructed with durable and premium materials, the ProFresnel Spot is built to withstand the demanding needs of professional use. Its sleek and compact design, combined with its lightweight build, makes it highly portable and perfect for on-location shoots.

Additionally, the ProFresnel Spot offers seamless compatibility with different light modifiers, expanding its versatility even further. Whether using barn doors, diffusers, or gels, this lighting solution adapts effortlessly to your specific needs.

Upgrade your lighting arsenal and unlock your creative potential with the ProFresnel Spot. Capture stunning visuals with precision and ease, and take your photography and videography to new heights.


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