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Profoto Pro B4 1000 Ws Air

Pro B4 1000 Ws Air

includes 1 x battery, 1 x charger.
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Introducing the Pro B4 1000 Ws Air, a revolutionary product designed to meet the needs of professional photographers. This advanced lighting solution provides an incredible 1000 Ws power output, ensuring exceptional performance in any shooting environment.

Featuring advanced Air technology, the Pro B4 allows you to control and adjust the lighting settings remotely with ease. With its wireless connectivity, you can effortlessly make changes to the intensity, color temperature, and other important parameters, providing unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

Equipped with a robust construction, this product is built to withstand the demands of professional use, ensuring durability and reliability throughout countless photo sessions. The Pro B4 also includes a high-capacity rechargeable battery, allowing you to work untethered for extended periods without any interruptions.

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, this lighting solution is suitable for both seasoned professionals and aspiring photographers. Whether you're shooting in a studio or on location, the Pro B4 1000 Ws Air will elevate your photography to new heights, delivering stunning results every time.


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