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Profoto Pro 11 2400 Ws TTL

Pro 11 2400 Ws TTL

includes 1 x power cable.
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Introducing the Pro 11 2400 Ws TTL, a revolutionary high-powered flash system designed to elevate your photography experience. With its impressive 2400 Ws output, this flash unit is perfect for professional photographers seeking superior lighting control and precision.

Equipped with TTL (Through The Lens) technology, the Pro 11 ensures seamless integration with your compatible camera, allowing for automatic exposure adjustments and accurate flash output based on your shooting conditions. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to consistent and flawless lighting results.

Featuring a sleek and intuitive interface, the Pro 11 makes it effortless to navigate through its various settings and customization options. Take advantage of its versatile power range, enabling you to capture stunning images with ease, from studio portraits to outdoor shoots.

Designed for convenience and versatility, this flash system includes a wide range of accessories, such as a reflector and diffuser, ensuring you have everything you need to achieve your desired lighting effect. Additionally, the Pro 11 offers built-in wireless capabilities, enabling effortless synchronization with other compatible devices, giving you even more creative control.

Whether you're a professional photographer or an avid photography enthusiast, the Pro 11 2400 Ws TTL is a must-have tool for taking your imagery to the next level. With its exceptional power, advanced features, and reliable performance, this flash unit is here to revolutionize your photography journey.


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