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Softbox Attachments Renting in Barcelona.

Profoto OCF Softgrid for OCF Octa 90 cm / 3'

OCF Softgrid for OCF Octa 90 cm / 3'

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OCF Softgrid for OCF Octa 90 cm / 3'

The OCF Softgrid for OCF Octa 90 cm / 3' is an essential light shaping accessory designed to enhance the quality and control of your photography lighting. This softgrid is specifically tailored for compatibility with the OCF Octa 90 cm / 3' softbox, creating an optimized setup for achieving professional and precise lighting effects.

Featuring a high-quality fabric construction, this softgrid effectively narrows down the light spread from your Octa softbox, providing a more focused and directional illumination with minimal light spill. By minimizing stray light and unwanted shadows, it delivers stunning results with exceptional clarity, contrast, and detail.

The OCF Softgrid is quick and easy to mount, simply attaching onto the OCF Octa softbox via the Velcro straps. It securely stays in place during shoots, allowing you to concentrate on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about accidental displacement. Additionally, it conveniently folds down for compact storage and effortless transportation.

Whether you are shooting portraits, fashion, or any other type of photography that requires controlled lighting, the OCF Softgrid for OCF Octa 90 cm / 3' is an indispensable tool that empowers you to craft professional-grade images with precision and finesse.


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