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Profoto OCF Light Shapers Renting in Barcelona.

Profoto OCF Grid Set

OCF Grid Set

includes 10/20/30° grids, 1 x grid holder, 1 x filter holder, 1 x soft bag.
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The Profoto OCF Light Shapers Grid Set is an advanced lighting accessory designed to provide controlled light shaping for professionals, videographers, and photographers. It features a combination of high-quality, premium materials ensuring durability and efficiency.

Key features of the Profoto OCF Light Shapers Grid Set include:

  • Compatibility: The grid set is fully compatible with all Profoto OCF flashes.
  • Applicability: Designed for professional use and can be used for both indoor and outdoor shoots.
  • Design: Manufactured with durable materials that can withstand the rigors of continuous professional use.
  • Functionality: It supports narrow and wide illumination, providing the ability to create desired visual effects with precision.

Technical specifications of the Profoto OCF Light Shapers Grid Set include:

  • Dimensions: The grid set offers three differently sized grids - 10, 20, and 30 degrees.
  • Grid Size: Crafted with a tight grid to focus light, offering a variety of effect choices.
  • Attachment Method: The simple snap-on system securely attaches the grids in a safe and secure manner.
  • Color: It comes in a universal matte black color.

Please note that the Profoto OCF Light Shapers Grid Set does not include light stands or other accessories not mentioned in the description. These items are available for purchase separately. Using the grid set with a flash that is not specially designed for it may result in subpar performance, damage to the product, and void the warranty.


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